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Honeymoon is not just a tour, in fact it is the beginning of a long journey called family life. We at Life holidays use all our expertise, experience and network of trained partners worldwide to ensure most memorable International Honeymoon packages for you. 

How to select your dream honeymoon destination?

Firstly identify your budget and duration of tour. Then check your preferences such as Hills and Mountains, Beaches or islands, Nightlife or shopping, Adventure or wild life. Every couple has a unique dream destination in their mind. We consult both the guests and then suggest best possible locations based on budget and duration. It is also important to note what is the best time to travel to that destination. Most of the guests think that winter in India is best time to travel to island places like Maldives, Langkawi, Bali, Mauritius, Seychelles, Phuket, Krabi etc etc, But it is not true. You can travel to Maldives, Langkawi, Phuket etc tropical island in November, December and January. But when there is a winter in India, it's a summer time in Southern hemisphere and continents like Africa, Australia and South America are experiencing summer time. Thus travelling to Mauritius, Seychelles and Australia in November, December and January is not a good time as these destinations will be hot during these months. Whereas if you travel to Bali in December then you shall experience highest rainfall in this month. So selecting a right place and right weather is very very important.

How is Europe as Honeymoon destination in Summers?

Guests who are looking for International Honeymoon packages also should consider Europe if there travel dates are in March to October. Please note "Europe is beautiful in summer" is a general statement and may not be true from Indian holiday seeker point of view. Most of us when dream for Europe holidays think that they need to carry loads of winter wear. But Europe is also a huge continent with four distinctive zones. 

1] Mediterranean - Consisting of Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, French riviera - These southernmost countries with great coastlines and islands are very hot and humid in summer months of May, June, July and August. Thus these are most expensive and crowded tourist places in these months as Europeans are great Sun worshipers. But from Indian perspective we already have great summers and heat in India and looking for bearable temperatures than India in our holidays. Travelling in Mediterranean is recommended in March, April and beginning of May and then from September to November. These months are not only balanced in terms of weather conditions but also less crowded. And less crowd means less cost. 

2] Eastern Europe - Though not very popular among Indian travellers, countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech are slowly catching up. These countries are known for budget holidays as there currencies are not as strong as Euro or Pound. Also they have vibrant nightlife and beautiful nature. But in summer months of June, July and August even these countries are hot and temp could reach to 35 to 38 degree celsius. Thus this zone is good for budget guests and nightlife seekers.

3] Western Europe - This is most advanced and rich Europe with countries like, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Netherlands. These are rich countries in terms of history, monuments, natural beauty and infrastructure. Most popular and dream destinations for any traveller are mainly from this zone. These are perfect countries to travel in summer months but now a days heat waves have become a common phenomenon in July and August thanks to global warming.

4] Scandinavian or Northern Europe - These are best destinations for honeymooners looking for less touristy crowd in summer months. Best months to travel are June, July and August when temp are mild and sunny. Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark are picking up as exotic destinations for honeymooners, thanks to bollywood films.

As we are reputed International tour operators in Pune, we have lot of options to choose from various International Honeymoon packages across the globe.


We are expert International Tour Operators from Pune and are meticulously designing honeymoon packages for last 12 years. Honeymoon is the most memorable tour of your life and it is important that we should know preferences of both the guests in order to suggest best suitable locations for them. Our Honeymoon itineraries are different than regular itineraries as we need to keep slow pace of itinerary. Also we focus more on romantic experiences such as beautiful locations, high quality resorts, honeymoon add ons. Come celebrate most beautiful tour of your life with us.

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