Which Boat to be used for Phi Phi Island tour

Posted Date - 21-08-2019 | Posted By - Ashish Life Holidays

Most of the guests who are travelling to Phi Phi island from Phuket are not aware that there are three choices of boats to choose from to sail to Phuket. Many times they accept what is been given to them by their travel agent or OTA which is generally a low cost boat trip and not the one which suits him or her.

Three main type of boat tours to travel to Phi Phi island would be:

1] By Big BoatĀ 

2] By Speed boat

3] By Royal Jet Premium boat

Lets understand which suits your preference.

A] Big boat tour - Big boat as name suggest is a big boat with a capacity of 300 or more passengers. This being a big size boat has a slow speed as compared to speedboat and takes approx 2 hrs to reach from Phuket pier to Phi Phi Don island. There are 3 classes of serviceĀ 

1. Economy class - This is the lowest class in a big boat which is located on the lowest deck of the boat. Size of the window is small as you can see from picture below. We generally do not recommend this class though it is cheapest of all classes. This accommodates approx 200-300 guests in economy class.

2. Silver class - This is located on the upper deck of the boat and seating are much comfortable that economy class. Being on upper deck you have good visibility as these are not small windows but huge glasses. This is located on the back side of the upper deck. We recommend this class of service to most of the guests who are looking for value for money with good quality of service.

3. Gold class - This is costliest class and is located on the forward side of upper deck. They have priority during embarkation and disembarkation. They have luxurious reclining seats and various other privileges. We recommend this class for those who demand luxury and high level of service.