Things to expect in Singapore packages from Pune!!!

Posted Date - 22-11-2019 | Posted By - Ashish Life Holidays

Singapore is one of the most popular and beautiful places which offers an ultimate fun-filled vacation to all kids, family, and couples. It is popularly known for the cleanliness in the world. Therefore, it is one of the best places to visit. Singapore packages from Pune will provide you all the facilities so that you can enjoy all the best parts of Singapore without missing anything. You will enjoy all the fun-loving activities, exciting sightseeing and much more. Usually, a proper and cooperative guide is there included in packages, which will help you to explore the beauty of the place all the time.


It also includes a guide that will tell you the best food and dishes in the city. People all over the world are crazy about shopping; if you are also a shopping geek, then this guide will also inform you of the best places to shop. You can get a large variety of clothing options over there in Singapore, starting from all the brands to thrift stores, and the prices are very affordable and amazing.


Lifeholiday’s Singapore packages from Pune involves all the wonderful attractions of Singapore like night safaris, all the cultural activities in night, Chinatown which is most famous for shopping, river safari, beautiful museums, galleries, famous temples, Sentosa island for all those who love to visit beach sides, Activities like casino and roller coaster rides are also there, all sports activities like ice skating and boat rides. Weather of Singapore is suitable for kids as well.


Visa on arrival in Singapore is free of cost, and if you are visiting for more than 30 days, then you need a visa on arrival. Documents like passport, id proofs, and flight tickets are required for the trip to Singapore.


Things you should know before visiting Singapore!


Being one of the most prominent cities in the world, Singapore receives thousands of visitors every year because you will get a completely different experience here in Singapore from all Asian countries.


Currency used in Singapore: The currency used in the country is the Singaporean dollar. Presently, 1 US dollar is equal to the 1.33 Singaporean dollars.


Language in Singapore: Most of the locals in Singapore are bilingual, who speak either English or Mandarin (Tamil). So, before visiting Singapore, make sure you learn a little bit of one of the languages.


Credit cards: You can use your credit card there. While credit cards are widely accepted here but it is recommended you to take some cash with you as well because you need to pay in cash at small shops, food stalls, and so on almost similar to India.


The climate of the country: The temperature in the country is consistent, so it is quite safe to visit in Singapore anytime whenever you want to leave from your hectic daily schedule. The temperature lies between 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius while it should be noted that the humidity level in the country is high.


You can expect rain an average of 167 days a year so don’t forget to bring an umbrella in the country.


How booking life holidays packages are a better option?


If you are planning to visit Singapore, consider Singapore packages from Pune because the country is very expensive. You can expect to spend higher in the country, similar to American cities. It comes under one of the wealthiest countries present, and bargaining is not their thing. So make sure either you choose to visit in a package, or you carry a lot of money with you.


Things you will get in packages for free.


1.       Hotel accommodation and daily breakfast.

2.       Universal Studios, night safaris with transfers, Sentosa island, city tour.

3.       Return airport transfers and transfer to hotels.


You can also book a package to visit both Malaysia and Singapore, or just Singapore as per your choice. Booking Life Holiday’s packages will always help you in saving costs while traveling the world.


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