Seychelles - A heaven for Honeymooners

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Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 Islands off to East Africa in the Indian Ocean. The beautiful sunsets, soft white sand beaches, the Granite rock structures make Seychelles a worth visiting destination. Known for many UNESCO heritage sites Seychelles is a year-round destination.

Why choose Seychelles for my honeymoon?

Seychelles is an archipelago meaning a group of islands scattered in the ocean which gives you an ultimate Island Hopping, cultural and a luxury experience. This is a perfect gateway for those who wish to enjoy close to nature, untouched, secluded white soft sand beaches with a touch of local experience. In Seychelles, you shall get excellent beach quality, water quality and resort quality. But Seychelles is not a place for parties and nightlife. Here overall attitude is laid back and this is a perfect place for a romantic getaway and honeymooners who are looking for relaxed and away from crowd destination.

What is the best time to travel to Seychelles?

Seychelles having a year‘s long warm tropical climate and situated in Cyclone free area is all year-round destination. Although different times of year may be better suited to you as per your specific interests. Wind free conditions are seen throughout April and October.  The best time to sail is during the month from May to September when the southeasterly trade winds blow. Conditions for swimming, snorkelling and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November. The monsoons hit hard from November-January. Expect a lot of rainfall if you visit the country during those months.

Where should I stay in Seychelles?

There are 3 Habited islands where you can plan to stay -Mahe, Praslin and La Digue apart from a few

Mahe Island:

This is the most habited and biggest island of about 6kms wide and 26 km long of all in Seychelles. The main point of arrival and departure is on this island itself. Victoria the smallest city and capital of Seychelles is located on Mahe Island. If you wish to enjoy a night at the Casino you can stay or visit (if staying nearby) Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort. For those who wish to be near to the capital, wish to do Scuba and Snorkelling, Island hopping tours to Aride, Bird, Cousin, Curieuse and St Pierre Islands, are vegetarians, wish to have Indian Meals can opt to stay in the Beau Vallon Beach area. Those who wish for a more secluded experience can choose properties down to the south, southwest which are along the beaches.

 Praslin Island:

Island of about 4 km wide and 11 km long is known for its famous and beautiful beaches lie, Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette is a piece of haven to stay on. Anse Volbert the most popular and longest beach on Praslin. A hot spot for beachgoers, this strand is a great place to find all sorts of water activities, including windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing. You have a lot of hotel options to choose from. Here you will get more secluded resorts to stay. Vegetarian options are available at the resorts.


 La Digue Island:

One of the smallest and the laid-back island with 5 km in length and 3.3 kms width this island Is worth a visit. You can rent a bicycle to get around the island. Home to the world’s most beautiful beach called Anse Source d’Argent. On this small island, you won’t get luxury hotels as the purpose of staying is not luxury but the untouched natural beauty of the island. Vegetarian options are available at the resorts but very few varieties. You can either choose to have a day trip from Mahe or Praslin or can have one or two nights stay on this island.

Which currency I should carry and what would be the voltage in Seychelles

The main currency used is the Seychelles rupees (SCR). 1 SCR is approx. 4 Indian Rupees. Many tourist spots prefer Dollars and Euros, so keep some of your own cash and exchange some for Seychelles rupees. Do not carry any single Seychelles rupee back to India as it will be difficult to exchange this currency.


Recommend buying a universal adapter.

What is the typical climate of Seychelles?

Average Temperatures:

 Average Humidity:




How to explore islands with local transport and ferries?

Mahe Island has an airport on the east coast of the island where all the international flights arrive and depart. This airport also operates flights/Helicopter to Praslin Island. Capital Victoria is just 10 Kms that is about 20mins and the famous Beau Vallon area is about 30mins away. The island also has a Ferry port just 10 mins from the Capital. This island gets connected to Island like Praslin, La Digue etc.

If staying near to the capital you can go around the city by bus, cab or a small walk. It just takes 3-4 Hrs to drive around the whole island by car. Ferry from Mahe to Praslin takes about 1 Hrs, Mahe to La Digue is a via Praslin or you can even opt for a direct ferry that takes approx. 1 Hrs 30Mins. On all the 3 islands there are helipads which can also be 1 way of transportation but this is a costly way of transportation compared to a ferry.


What are the main sightseeing and attractions in Seychelles?

When in Mahe you can opt for:

1)   Full day guided city tour wherein the guide will take you around the Capital city of Victoria to show the local market known as Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, UNESCO heritage sight in the Morne Seychellois national park, the Mission Ruins of Venn’s Town is a place of unique historical, cultural, aesthetic and ecological value. The area offers breath-taking views of the inner islands and the bay, which can be seen at a popular viewing lodge. On the way to the National Park visit the Tea Factory which offers flavours of Vanilla, orange, mint, lemon and Cinnamon. Later visit the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple is the only Hindu temple in Seychelles and then Cathedral of Victoria. Domaine de Val des Près (Craft Village) - Experience traditional Creole culture showcase. Along with the sightseeing, you will get small stops on the world-famous beaches.

2)    For Rum lovers a must-visit at Takamaka Rum Distillery is a half-day excursion.

3)    Anse Major and Snorkelling tour from Mahe

4)    Marine National Parks day trips from Mahe

5)    Fishing and cruising (can hire a private yacht).

6)    Diving -Full PADI courses are available.

When in Praslin you can opt for:

1)  Visit the UNESCO heritage site of Valle de Mai.

2)   World famous Anse Lazio – this tour can be arranged by the hotel directly as well

3)  Day trip to La Digue from Praslin –where you will visit L’Union Argent where you see the Copra Factory, Giant Tortoise Pen and Anse Source d’Argent- world-famous beach

4)  Full Day Excursion of Cousin, Curieuse and St Pierre Islands- where you can snorkel.

5)  Aride Island Tour – visiting unique seabird species

When in La Digue you can opt for:

1)    visit L’Union Argent where you see the Copra Factory, Giant Tortoise Pen and Anse Source d’Argent-- world-famous beach

2)    Mont Plaisir -Anse Lazio Trail 

Is Indian food or veg food easily available in Seychelles:

There are few options in Mahe near the Beau Vallon area, but all the resorts do serve Vegetarian food. There are no authentic Indian Restaurants in Praslin and La Digue, but all the resorts do serve Limited Vegetarian food.