How to choose the best Maldives resort.

Posted Date - 24-11-2020 | Posted By - Ashish Life Holidays

How to choose the best Maldives resort.


Maldives airfares are much lower compared to the cost of the resort. Quality of resort, class of services, amenities available are a very important factor in your overall experience of Maldives Honeymoon tour. We always recommend that you select at least 4-star quality resort so that your overall experience is elevated.


Below are important factors in selection of best possible resort:


A] What is your total budget?

The price range for resorts is very huge in the Maldives. You have resorts that cost Rs 30000 and may go up to Rs 4,00,000 per person for just 3 nights. So, once you know your maximum possible budget, automatically it serves as the best filter and it helps to reduce the number of shortlisted resorts.


B] Are you planning for 3 nights or more?

If you are planning for 3 nights then select a resort which is not far off from Male airport and is reachable by speedboat. Resort where transfer by domestic flight or seaplane is required should be avoided for 3 nights stay. As you need to board another flight, it takes more time to reach from Male to resort and many times you reach late evenings. On the last day too, you need to check out early from resort to reach Male airport. Thus, you lose precious daytime of arrival day as well as departure day.

For 4 nights or more stay, resorts which are far from Male and needs seaplane or domestic flight can be considered. Please note seaplane transfer increases your costing by more than Rs 15000 per person approx.

C] Are you considering water villa as a room type?

Yes, undoubtedly yes. You must consider staying at least 1 night in a water villa. Yes, water villa cost is quite high compared to beach villas but it’s a unique experience honeymooner should not miss. But we recommend not to spend the entire stay in a water villa – not because it increases costing drastically, but also to enjoy a stay in a beach villa. If budget is not a constraint then opt for beach villas with Pvt pool or Pvt jacuzzi. The option of water villa with Pvt pool or water villa with Pvt jacuzzi also can be considered if you are Ok with a higher budget. This will elevate your honeymoon experience to a different level.


D] Are you looking for water sports, spa and excursions in the Maldives?

As you know the Maldives has crystal clear waters and undoubtedly one of the best reefs and marine life in the world, water sports rates are quite high compared to other island destinations such as Thailand, Bali and Mauritius. So, keep a good chunk of your budget for these activities. In fact, at Life Holidays we share price list of water sports, spa and excursions before you book the resort. This gives you a clear indication of budgeted cost while on tour.


E] What is Half board, Full Board and AI?

Many times, you find that one resort is cheaper than others but is offering only breakfast and other is offering half board or full board. Half board means breakfast and dinner and full board means breakfast, lunch and dinner. Approx cost per lunch or dinner is USD 40-60 per person per meal. Therefore, a resort offering full board is offering you almost USD 100 per night per person meals included in its price. Thus, a resort which is offering only a breakfast package at a cheaper rate may actually cost you more.

Now, the next point is which one to choose – Half board or Full board or AI [ All Inclusive].  Generally, we have noticed that honeymooners have late breakfast and they miss their buffet lunch as they do not feel hungry. Then they spend extra money by ordering ala carte menu late afternoon. If you are also of those types then have a half board as your meal plan so that you do not prebook your lunches and can have the liberty to have it on an ala carte basis. We recommend carrying some foodstuff with you as Ala carte cost is very high in Maldives resorts. You may opt for the full board when you are sure and you adhere to your mealtimes.


All-inclusive should have opted if it is available at great offer price which you simply can’t resist. All-Inclusive package includes specific brands of hard drinks, soft drinks, juices and sodas along with all meals.  Honeymooners avoid taking All-Inclusive package if it is available at a higher cost than full board. Finally, you are on a honeymoon and not on a bachelor’s party and you cannot afford to lose your first impression with your life partner!!!!


F] Do you think that online websites are cheaper than our rates?

Many times, we get this feedback from our guests that our prices are higher than online portals. Please note our prices are including transfers [Speedboat / Domestic flight / Seaplane] wherein most of the online portals quote you costs without transfers. Kindly note that even a 15 mins return speedboat transfer will cost you not less than Rs 10000 per person in the Maldives. Therefore, we request our guests to compare what is included in price very carefully before comparing prices.


G] Resorts near Male are offering good deal?

Yes, there are a few resorts which are very near to Male airport. They offer a very good deal and attractive prices. They have excellent facilities and services and still, they are very cheap. Main reasons for these prices are proximity to Male city or airport. As these resorts are very near to Male, they can not offer unobstructed views of the ocean. What you see is an ocean with Male city line. Also, few resorts are in a flying path of seaplanes. This creates too much noise as the frequency of seaplane plying through these resorts is very high. So, you must be aware of these points to know the reason for attractive prices.  

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