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Fifteen most sought after Honeymoon destinations in the world

Posted Date - 13-09-2019 | Posted By - Life Holidays

Today we shall discuss most sought after honeymoon destinations, Indian couples love to explore. Honeymoon tour is the most important tour of life for every couple. It should, therefore, be planned carefully considering preferences of both the partners. Proper selection of destination, weather, activities and of course budget are key factors in a memorable honeymoon. So let's go and discover the top 15 honeymoon destinations across the globe.


1]  Thailand - Thailand is a budget-friendly honeymoon destination but it does not mean its not exotic. Due to cheaper airfares and value for money resorts, Thailand is a good destination for those who wish to have international honeymoon packages at Indian price. 


Phuket with Krabi or Phuket with Phi Phi island are the most popular options for honeymoon. All these islands are famous for nightlife, spa, water sports, and pristine beaches and friendly people. You have all options of resorts from value for money to luxury 5-star Dlx resorts all over Thailand. 


Best time to visit - These islands of Thailand can be visited at any time of the year as they have tropical hot and humid weather. July to September is generally a rainy season but it does not rain throughout the months.


Approx budget - Rs 40000 - 70000 per person including airfare and depending upon the hotel categories

Phi Phi Leh island, Thailand

2] Malaysia - This is also a budget-friendly destination and most popular is Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. Those who are looking for cool mountains instead of beaches and islands may consider Genting or Cameron Highlands. 


Best time to visit - This is also a year-round destination being a tropical country. Weather will be hot and humid throughout the year except for hill stations like Cameron and Genting.


Approx budget - Rs 50000 - 80000 per person including airfare and depending upon the hotel category.

Hanging bridge at Langkawi, Malaysia

3] The Maldives - If you are looking for a truly romantic island and relaxed honeymoon nothing can beat this place. This is absolute heaven on earth. Here in the Maldives, it is One island - One resort concept so you are actually surrounded by ocean and beaches. Soft white sand, tropical green vegetation, crystal clear waters and add world-class amenities and Maldivian hospitality. No island in this world can beat the beauty of Maldives. We recommend 4 to 5 nights for honeymooners as this is a perfect period to enjoy the nature and luxury of your resort. Water villa is another concept that you get to explore in the Maldives. Water villas are built in shallow waters which are the epitome of the romantic gateway. We have packages to suit your budget starting from beach bungalows to pool villas and Jacuzzi villas.


Best time to visit - Visit the Maldives from September to April and being a tropical island country weather is always humid but pleasant. We recommend staying at least in 4 stars or 5-star resorts in the Maldives. There are many factors to choose a perfect resort for you. Our expert team will be more than happy to assist you in perfect selection of resort as per your taste.


Approx Budget - Rs 55000 - 200000 per person including airfare and depending upon resort category and room types