European Countries in April

Posted Date - 10-01-2020 | Posted By - Ashish Life Holidays

 Which European countries to visit in the month of April.

Europe can be divided into four parts, namely,

1] The Mediterranean Europe:

Spain, Portugal, French Riviera, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey are the most important countries in the Mediterranean zone. This part of Europe has pleasant weather in April, hotel rates are low as it's not a summer holiday time and most important is the moderate crowd at all places.

Thus, covering Mediterranean coastline during April is best suited in terms of pleasant weather, lower rates and less crowded.


Trending itineraries are:

1] Spain with Ibiza – Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza

2] French Riviera – Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo with Switzerland or Paris

3] Italy – Naples, Sorrento, Capri island, Amalfi coast with Rome, Florence and Venice

4] Croatia – Dubrovnik, Hvar island, Split and Zagreb. Croatia can be combined with Austria.

5] Greece – Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

6] Turkey – Istanbul, Cappadocia with Kusadasi.