Before you finalise Maldives as your honeymoon destination

Posted Date - 08-11-2020 | Posted By - Ashish Life Holidays

The Maldives is one of the most sought after destination for Honeymoon couples all across the globe. The reason is very simple - Its natural beauty is one of its kind and resorts in the Maldives are a class apart. 

:5 things you should know before you book the Maldives as your Honeymoon destination:

The Maldives is One Island One resort concept:

Therefore, Maldives is a safer destination in current COVID-19 situation when people are looking for staycation or isolation with nature. Your island will be your home for the entire duration and most of the islands are so small that you can walk around the island in less than 30 mins. 

No packing – unpacking, No hopping from one city to another city:

As you arrive at Male airport and then proceed to your island resort by speedboat or seaplane. There is no packing and unpacking of luggage, no transfer from one city to another. The Maldives is a perfect destination to spend quality time with each other as there are no wake-up calls and no timelines to adhere to.

No Typical sightseeing:

The Maldives does not have those coach tours or historical guided tours. Just soak in the beauty of nature, enjoy a spa or relax in the pool or just walk along the soft sandy beaches. It does not mean that there are no activities in the Maldives. For adventure lovers, you have so many options for water sports and marine life exploration. For romantic ones enjoy sunset cruises or fishing cruises or island hopping cruises. 

No shopping and no late-night parties

There are no markets, no shopping streets and newly married husbands - no deep holes in your pockets!!!! But jokes apart, that gives you ample time to understand each other and build a life long bond. This is a time where you not only rejuvenate your mind but also start building your relationship. Please note that here you shall not have party streets or night club hubs as you may have it in other destination islands such as Phuket, Bali or Ibiza. So if you are a party animal and looking for party culture then the Maldives may not suite for your taste. But it does not mean that nights on the islands are boring ones. Most of the resorts have their own club or DJs or night entertainments. Most of the resorts arrange for shows and dance parties or theme parties.  Saii Lagoon Hilton and Hardrock are few resorts where you have excellent entertainment. They also have an island called Crossroads which is a shopping and entertainment hub with a lot of parties and happening venues. 

Cheap and short duration flights from India:

The Maldives can be reached from Mumbai in just 2.5 hrs from Delhi in just 4.5 hrs and airfares are very cheap compared to other island destinations such as Mauritius, Seychelles or Bali. Thus you arrive fresh without much of travel exertion in the Maldives. If you wish to enjoy similar island beauty in Fiji or Bora Bora or Caribbean islands you shall spend hefty amount only in airfares. Thus Indian couples have a great price advantage to go to the Maldives for their honeymoon. But you need to be very careful while selecting your flights as landing in morning hours in Male is very very important. Also, your flight from Male should be late in the evening so that you can reach the Male airport comfortable by speedboat or seaplane. If you arrive late evening in Male then you may need to spend a night at Male hotel as speedboats or seaplanes do not operate at night. 

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